Paris Pre-wedding Couple Photoshoot
Paris Pre-wedding Couple Photoshoot

Your guide to a Paris pre-wedding photoshoot

We strongly believe that visiting this city, especially for your Paris pre-wedding photos is such a unique and unforgettable opportunity to get to know your inner quintessence.

A Pre Wedding photoshoot with our team at Through The Glass Paris is not only about taking good pictures in the most breathtaking capital of Europe. It’s also about telling your unique love story in the capital of love. We’d love to hear more about you to understand your personality, your style, your tastes and plan the most incredible time in Paris with you! 

We know that it might be a bit frightening to book a photo shoot for the first time, especially from abroad, but take a look at our guide below and tell us about it ;).

PS: we process the requests in order of arrival so get in touch with us as soon as you have your dates to secure the booking!

What’s the weather like around the year?

Each of the four seasons brings out a unique personality of Paris:

Eiffel spring cherry blossoms wedding photo

Spring: a festival of bright colours 

Spring is a popular time to visit Paris despite the chilly temperature at the beginning of the season. From March to May, however, the weather starts warming up and is the perfect time to explore the city’s beautiful floral attractions and gardens

Pro tip: Don’t miss out on the cherry blossoms in April! Their beautiful pink shades blending with the old Parisian architecture are a stunning feature for your Paris Pre wedding photoshoot. 

jardin tuileries pre wedding photo

Summer: the early bird catches the worm

During summer, the temperature reaches at least 25°C throughout the months and the sunny weather allows you to shoot in any location very comfortably. The city also undeniably attracts a lot of tourists so we advise you to wake up early in the morning when the sun rises to avoid the crowds.

Pro tip: Stay hydrated during the whole day! Don’t forget your sunglasses to style yourselves up!

autumn paris pre wedding photo

Autumn: Gorgeous leaves in red and gold

Fall is the perfect season for romantic strolls in the old Parisian neighborhoods, as the crowds of tourists are fewer than during summer. Autumnal lights are also one of the best to shoot, altogether with the beautiful golden leaves scattering around.

Pro tip: Umbrellas can be useful for unexpected chilly rain, it’s still autumn 😉 Paris turns golden during this season, making it perfect for our color signature. 

paris snow couple photo ashley weston

Winter: Lights on!

Days are shorter during winter but it doesn’t make Paris less magic, as you can admire all the holiday lights illuminating the city. This is the perfect occasion for you to dress up in your favourite coats and jackets and if you’re lucky enough to be here when it’s snowing, Paris turns out to be such a romantic stage to take pictures.

Pro tip: Simply enjoy an afternoon with a glass of wine or hot chocolate in a cozy cafe! 

When is the perfect time for Paris pre wedding photos?

Paris can’t be more beautiful than during the golden hours:

  • Sunrise is the best time if you fancy a photo session in the most famous locations of the capital (Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, etc.) to catch morning lights and avoid the crowds. We know it’s not always easy to get up early but believe us, do it once and you’ll understand why we all fall in love with this city! 
  • Sunset also offers beautiful lighting and is more suitable for intimate locations in Paris that are less crowded. It’s a great opportunity to discover the most romantic hidden gems of the capital.

If the forecast is however rainy and if you don’t feel like being Gene Kelly, we will for sure arrange another timing!

paris couple photographer

What are the best locations to do a Paris pre-wedding photoshoot?

Check out our top 10 locations for a Paris photoshoot
No matter the time of the year, the greatest thing about Paris is that it is ALWAYS beautiful, with its amazing architecture and landscapes all around the city. Either you are looking for a photoshoot in iconic spots or in secret places, we’ve got you!

Book with us for access to our Exclusive Locations Guide
We always spend time getting to know our clients beforehand to advise them on a personalized photoshoot itinerary. In the meantime, read our Exclusive locations guide for Pre wedding photos so that you can have a general idea of what you want. 

And don’t worry about posing, we’ll be there to guide you. Now, just relax and have lots of fun!

Here’s a sneak peak of our favourite amazing places to shoot in Paris :

Louvre Museum: perfect harmony between French architecture and modernity with the pyramids.  

Seine river with Eiffel tower: A beautiful and yet discreet location that still lets others know that you’re in Paris! 

Parisian café:  Nothing screams more Paris than “un café crème en terrace”!

Tuileries garden: A walk in a picturesque garden, like what true Parisians do. 

How about a romantic picnic by the Seine river after your romantic stroll around the city? Isn’t it perfect?

paris couple photo picnic asian

Another corner of Musée du Louvre that we love! It’s probably one the most beautiful hallways in Paris!

Louvre Paris pre wedding photo

How long does a Paris pre-wedding photoshoot last?

It actually depends on the number of shooting locations and outfits you’re willing to have, but no worries, we will help you plan the shooting according to your preferences. Here are a few options:

  • 1-hour photoshoot: ideal for 1 location with handy outfits
  • 2 hours: great for 1 location if you are wearing a more sophisticated outfit  (i.e. a heavy wedding gown which requires adjustments and more care to move around) or 2 easy to change outfits!
  • 2 to 4 hours: perfect if you want to shoot in more locations with different outfits or to have a larger variety of pictures. It’s possible to change outfits in a café or in a rental car for more convenience.
  • Full day: the finest way to best tell your story. You can combine shooting at a luxury hotel or a chateau (castle) as well as having multiple outfit changes. You can even consider it as doing a Paris elopement.
Breakfast wedding at Shangri la Paris with Eiffel tower

Which outfits shall we be wearing for a Paris photoshoot?

Paris is known as the capital of fashion, get ready to dress up with style! It’s always a good idea to have a vintage & elegant look: opt for neutral colours or simple patterns that will blend beautifully with the strong character of the capital

The wedding looks options for the bride :

  • Wedding dress along with a veil and a flower bouquet will always be a superb choice. Think about a white dress with a statement bow tie in the back or a flowy wedding dress – perfect for movement pics.  
  • White bridal suit for those who want to break the traditional codes and be out of the box!
  • Stylish evening gown that will definitely make your photoshoot as fashionable as Paris
  • Casual look with jeans or a simple dress.
Bride in wedding dress in Paris
engagement photoshoot in Paris with Eiffel Tower
Bride in black wedding dress
Couple sitting at a cafe in Paris

The wedding looks options for the groom :

  • Classic tuxedo to complete to gorgeous look of the bride’s wedding dress
  • A semi-formal suit to add a modern twist to your outfits
  • Casual outfit with jeans or linen
The most important thing is to find something that makes you feel the most confident and stylish so don’t hesitate to try out different styles !
paris wedding photographer cafe
couple walking in paris with bubble tea
luxury paris engagement photos dior chanel avenue montaigne

Our extra tips to complete your photoshoot:

  • Create a gorgeous look with a chic coat and a scarf, especially for winter and autumn
  • Personal accessories are an excellent way to customize the photoshoot and tell your love story better. We love stylish sunglasses too!
  • Add a few Parisian vibes with newspapers, baguettes, and croissants…

What will our transportation be like?

A walk in Paris is always great because we can discover so many hidden spots. However, if the locations are too far from each other, Uber/taxi is the better alternative. If we’re doing a multi-hour shoot with a few outfit changes, then it will be more convenient to rent a car.

Engagement photo at the Louvre, Paris

Can you help us book other vendors for the shoot?

Yes absolutely! Besides personalizing the itinerary, we can also help you to find suitable vendors such as Makeup/hair artist, florist, wedding dress rental, decoration, transportation, etc.

What should we bring to our Paris pre-wedding shoots?

Personal accessories are a good addition to the photoshoot. They could be something personal that sparks up your relationship. Don’t forget your engagement ring! We’d love to get some photos of it close up to mark your special occasion!

It is always a good idea to stay fun, extra creative. If you are looking to add a bit of Parisian vibes into your photo shooting, you could prepare some iconic features of the city, such as newspapers, macarons, baguettes, or berets…. Or imagine popping champagne in the middle of the street, wouldn’t it be so fun and amazing?

Paris Opera Street Couple Photoshoot
Champagne Shower Pre-wedding

On the shooting day, leave your important belongings at your hotel/airbnb. Bring essential only! And please remember to eat something before the shoot. Good food keeps up the good mood and it shows on the photos. 😉Traffic in Paris can be unpredictable sometimes so factor in the travel time that might be with traffic.

Last but not least, stay cool, relaxed, and just have fun! We are not just taking photos of you, but we are also creating a story about each couple entrusting us. It is such a unique experience that we want to share with you. In the end, we are in Paris – the city of love, aren’t we?

We started our journey as wedding photographers in Paris as a way to meet new people from all around the world. It’s not just about the client-photographer relationships but also about meeting and getting to know your stories.

Our photography style is warm & moody, with a touch of elegance & vintage. For the photos to always be chic yet timeless, we aim for the highest result, meaning even to the smallest details and gesture, especially your candid moments. We truly believe that it’s the small things that make all the difference.

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