If you ask us when is the best period to visit Paris, our answers would be in Spring and Autumn. In spring, we have the gorgeous cherry blossoms, whereas, in the fall, it is known for its gorgeous light and colors. Imagine walking among the orange leaves and admiring one of the most beautiful lights of the year; or the feeling of enjoying your “chocolat chaud” on a warm Parisian cafe and people-watching.

Is there a more romantic city than the City of Love itself? We believe each of us has once dreamt about coming to Paris and perhaps thought of a romantic proposal under the Eiffel or a poetic wedding in one of many iconic places. As wedding photographers in Paris, we have had the chance to meet many clients coming from all over the world.  A wedding is something that is special for all of us and of course, we all want it to be unforgettable. Although J&P had their wedding back in Singapore, they still decided to have an After wedding shoot so that they can still capture their happiness and keep it as a memory. 

During our career as wedding photographers in Paris, we have been lucky enough to meet lots of lovely couples and of, without doubt, Izza and Akibee were one of them. As you all may (or may not) know, to book a photo session with a Wedding photographer in Paris is possibly not that hard, but the Sweden Vietnamese couple contacted us way before their actual planned date in Paris anyway.

Katherine and Badih are a super sweet couple that we had the chance to take their pre-wedding photos in Paris back in August. Despite the fact that Katherine lives in the US and Badih is currently working in Paris, they decided to have their big day, a winter wedding in Paris. And to be honest, what’s more romantic than having your wedding in the city of love?

Situé à environ 3 heures de Paris, le château de Planchevienne est un lieu magnifique pour le mariage de C&S et pour nous, en tant que photographes, une escapade parfaite loin de l’agitation de la ville., Les festivités ont débuté par un brunch familial, excellent moyen de réunir la famille, de discuter et de préparer cette journée importante. La cérémonie de mariage s’est ensuite déroulée à l’église Saint Patrice, une belle église située près du château. Deux choses mémorables nous ont impressionné : la décoration faite à la main de la cérémonie, particulièrement réussie, et la simplicité des mariés. Lieu: Château de Planchevienne Robe de mariée: Pronovias Chaussures de mariée: Bocage Costume de marié: Hugo Boss Chaussures du marié: Magnanni Fleurs: Autrement Dit Saint Parize Bagues: Denis Léon Paris Boucles d'oreilles: Swarowski Découvrez plus de photos de mariage ici. Parlez-nous de votre mariage Découvrez plus de photos de mariage Êtes-vous prêt à réserver ? On en discute ?
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