When my fiance and I decided we would elope, I quickly began searching the internet for a good photographer, as this would be one of the key pieces of our adventure. So many photographers I was finding had the same cliche style – something I felt like I could do myself on my iPhone. It wasn’t until I came across Through the Glass Paris that a collection really caught my eye. Their photos were stunning, gorgeous, unique, and special. Couples in cafes, on random side roads, all with the same mind blowing beauty as the ones with famous land marks. I knew they were the ones, and they quickly returned my inquiry, we picked a date, I made the deposit, and we were all set. They provided location options, and helped with advice on navigating the city since it was our first time traveling. I would recommend Through the Glass one million times over, we have the most incredible photos, blowing all other photographers out of the water. Thank you so much!

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