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Paris in Autumn

If you ask us when is the best period to visit Paris, our answers would be in Spring and Autumn. In spring, we have the gorgeous cherry blossoms, whereas, in the fall, it is known for its gorgeous light and colors. Imagine walking among the orange leaves and admiring one of the most beautiful lights of the year; or the feeling of enjoying your “chocolat chaud” on a warm Parisian cafe and people-watching.

The best time we would suggest to do the photo shoot in Paris in autumn would be at end of September, beginning of October. The weather could be a bit cool in the morning but gets warmer throughout the day with the leaves starting to change colors. The golden hours (sunrise and sunset times) during autumn are surely the most memorable lights you’ll see over the year. From the middle of October to early December, the weather starts to get chillier but the light and the colors remain as gorgeous as well. If you’re thinking of doing your photo shoot at this time of the year, we would suggest having a nice jacket for your outfit so you could wear it for the photos as well as taking it off when you want.

For us, we could not be any happier when J&M contacted us to do their engagement shoot on a dazzling autumn day.

After a nice stroll under the Paris autumn, it’s always nice to warm up and have a drink somewhere. For J&M, as we wanted it to be more exclusive, we didn’t opt for a typical Parisian cafe, instead, we went for a drink at Hotel Particulier Montmartre.

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