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Your guide to a Paris pre-wedding photoshoot

Paris wedding on the rooftop of Galerie Lafayette

“Paris est toujours une bonne idée – Paris is always a good idea”. We strongly believe that visiting this city, especially for your Paris pre-wedding photos is such a unique and unforgettable opportunity to get to know your inner quintessence. Paris is all about exploring and discovering, either the city or in oneself.

Because you are unique, therefore, your love story is of course special. We would love to learn about your personalities, your story, style, interests so that we could help you with the planning and experience the most incredible time in Paris ever! Since we work on a first come first serve basis so as soon as you have your dates ready, please feel free to contact us so that we could check our availability and secure your booking. It’s not just about taking photos; it’s also about telling your stories. And we can’t wait to create memories with you!

We understand that booking a photoshoot overseas can be scary and challenging. So here are our top tips for Paris pre-wedding photoshoots:

What’s the weather like around the year?

There are four seasons in Paris, and each brings out a unique personality of the city.

Eiffel spring cherry blossoms wedding photo

Spring is a popular time to visit Paris, even though it is a bit way too cold in the beginning of the season. However, from March to May, the weather starts warming up. This is the perfect time to explore the city’s beautiful floral attractions and gardens. Don’t forget the famous cherry blossoms peak in April though. The way the pink color blends in the old Parisian architecture is such a unique feature for photo shooting.

jardin tuileries pre wedding photo

Summer is the high season of tourists with an expected temperature of at least 25-30°C throughout the months. Therefore, you should make the most of the photo shooting experience by waking up early, when the sun rises earlier and there are fewer tourists. The weather is actually nice and comfy for any locations. Don’t forget a bottle of water to stay hydrated and, especially, a pair of sunglasses to style yourself up!

autumn paris pre wedding photo

Autumn is like a cooldown from both the hot temperature and the tourists in Paris. It is the perfect time to stroll through stunning old neighborhoods with golden autumn leaves scattering around. Autumn light is one of the best lights to shoot in! But, stay prepared for the occasionally chilly rain shower though.

jardin tuileries garden pre wedding photo

In winter, days are shorter. However, it is a truly a special time in Paris. This is the perfect occasion for you to dress up in your favorite coats and jackets. Paris in the snow is such a romantic and magical scene to capture yourself in. Imagine spending the afternoon with glass of wine in a cozy retro coffee shop, what could be nicer?

When is the perfect time to do a photoshoot?

The best time for photography is around golden hours (sunrise and sunset). If you’re interested in shooting at famous attractions such as the Eiffel tower, the Louvre museum, etc. then we’d suggest starting at around sunrise time to have the best light and avoid the crowd. Sunset is beautiful as well, however, we would need to shoot at other less crowded locations.

We know it’s hard to get up early, but you never know if you never try! Trust us, do it at least once, you’ll understand why Paris is magical and the reason we all fall in love with this city. If it’s forecasted to be rainy and you are not a fan of it, we can surely arrange the time to be more suitable for you 😊

Paris pre wedding photography eiffel

Which locations should we shoot at?

It is incredible that you can get amazing shots anywhere in Paris. The city is filled with both popular places and hidden gems to make your photos look stunning. Once you have booked your shooting with us, we will spend time to discuss, to get to know each other so that we could advise for a more personalized itinerary for you. And no worries about posing, we’ll be there to guide you. Just get ready to relax and have fun!

Here is a sneak peek of our favorite places to amaze our clients:


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Paris picnic couple seine river
Louvre Paris pre wedding photo

What’s the duration for a Paris pre-wedding shoot?

Our prewedding shoot usually lasts from 1 hour to full day depending on your outfits and shooting locations. Usually for 1 hour, we could do 1 location but if you’re wearing a gown that’s difficult to move around, need time for adjustment then we would need to consider 1.5h-2h per location. You could change outfits in a cafe or in a rental car. We often suggest our clients to book from 2 hours to 4 hours so that we could cover more variety in the photos. We’ll help you to plan the shooting accordingly to your preferences and outfits. Have a look at our full-day shoot portfolio here

What outfits should we wear?

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” —Vivienne Westwood

All in all, you’re in the city of fashion so get ready to dress up, but do it with style 😉

For Paris photoshoot, go for neutral colors or simple patterns. As you are in Paris, it is always a good idea to stay a bit vintage, elegant and classy!

Formal options:

For the Brides: A simple wedding dress would be a superb choice as always, tagged along by a veil and a nice bouquet of flowers. In case you are looking for something more “out of the box”, definitely consider the option of wearing a white bridal suit. Or make it fashion with a stylish evening gown!

For the Grooms: A classic tux to complement your bride’s wedding dress is ideal. Otherwise, you could opt for a semi-formal suit, which is not so traditional. Feel free to try out different styles of suits and find the style that makes you feel the most comfortable and stylish.

Casual looks: Have a look at our suggestions here

A nice and chic coat with a scarf is recommended as well during autumn and winter. Personal accessories are a good addition to the photoshoot. They could be something personal that sparks up your relationship. It is always a good idea to stay fun, extra creative. If you are looking to add a bit of Parisian quintessence into your photo shooting, you could prepare some iconic features of the city, such as newspapers, macarons, baguettes or berets….

What our transportation will be like?

A walk in Paris is always great because we can discover so many hidden spots. However, if the locations are too far from each other, Uber/taxi is the better alternative. If we’re doing a multi-hour shoot with a few outfit changes, then it will be more convenient to rent a car.

Can you help us book other vendors for the shoot?

Yes absolutely! Besides personalizing the intenary, we can also help you to find suitable vendors such as Makeup/hair artist, florist, wedding dress rental, decoration, transportation, etc.

Other worth-mentioning tips:

On shooting day, leave your important belongings at your hotel/airbnb. Bring essential only!

Eat something before the shoot. Good food keeps up the good mood and it shows on the photos. 😉

Traffic in Paris can be unpredictable sometimes so factor in the travel time that might be with traffic.

Last but not least, stay chilled and relaxed! We are not just taking photos of you, but we are also creating a story about each couple entrusting us. It is such a unique experience that we want to share with you. In the end, we are in Paris – the city of love, aren’t we?

Paris pre wedding photography

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