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Reasons to start your photo session at sunrise

Are you interested in coming to Paris and do a photoshoot?

A lot of our clients ask us about the time to start the shooting. Our answers usually are at sunrise and sunset time because they are the Golden Hours.

But is it really worth it to get up early in the morning?

Well, sometimes during the daytime, there will be a lot of people around. At some point, it may be just really annoying to have too many people in the photos. As we want the photos to highlight your love story, the Golden hour is a great time to shoot because the sun is low and it creates a nice, warm light without having hard shadows that you might experience in the middle of the day. Moreover, we would love to capture your moments in Paris with this “magic light”, instead of in mid-day, without you clinging the eyes because the sun is too bright.

Taking photos at sunrise will definitely create this majestic feeling in your photos. Imagine having a beautiful golden color that sparkles on your hair!

Curious to know what I’m talking about? Scroll down to see Angie and Don’s early morning shooting at Louvre museum and Eiffel tower.

He was in search of adopting a puppy and he learned my dog just had puppies. We continued to talk and once he found out I was single, our connection was undeniable, our love transcended all boundaries.

There’s no one else in this world I could imagine living the rest of my days with.

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