From Paris to Bristol Pre-wedding shoot

You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, you love someone because they sing a song only you can hear.

~ Apple’s vow


In this blog post, we would like to share with you the romantic love story between Apple and Vincent. They booked us a year in advance to be their pre-wedding photographers in Paris and Bristol, two cities that hold dear memories for both of them. We know that it’s not easy trusting people whom you haven’t met yet and especially online.

However, we believe that photos can speak for themselves and they definitely can connect people together. We feel so blessed to have met Apple and Vincent. How we loved chatting with them, learning more about their lives, and at the same time, sharing our experiences with each other. We loved every moment being their pre-wedding photographers in Paris and Bristol. Even though it was cold and windy, but the couple still rocked through the coldness and showed us such amazing happiness.

Apple and Vincent have kindly shared with us their story. We are so touched by it and we hope you’ll do too: 

“Vincent was born and raised in a place commonly known as “Paradise Country” in China. Before he went to France as a student in 2008, his dream was becoming a movie director. Apple was born and raised in “Heaven of China”, in the south of the country. She went to the UK also as a student pursuing her ambition of becoming a diplomat.

They didn’t know yet their original dreams would fade away and changed. For the first time, they would see and understand that the world is much more than they ever imagined. They would ever since live in a diversified world and hold the hope to find someone who can share it together.

In 2013, Vincent returned to China after his 5 years of life in Paris. At the same time, Apple, after 6 years of life in Bristol UK, took her flight back to China. The two of them, dreaming of having a brand new life back home, crossed each other for the first time in Shanghai, happened to be working for the same company. However, life made a small joke to putting Apple in a subsidiary in another city. For two years, they had their lives separately in two different places, never thinking that one day they will be each other’s lifetime partner.

Time passed away fast. In 2016, Vincent came back to Shanghai again after his attachment in Dubai, while Apple was transferred to the same team, the same city as Vincent. It’s like the flame was sparkled immediately when they started to know about each other. They found each other loving the same wine, the same movies, the same art, aspiring the same kind of lifestyle. The only difference is Vincent’s liking of spicy food. It was one great year in Shanghai, living together before Vincent departed to work in Hong Kong.

That was a difficult time. A whole year maintaining the relationship in long distance. They were also dealing with great pressure in work. The relationship was not going anywhere forward. Even though they both held a strong commitment to stay together, they knew there’s a black shadow on the path.

The opportunity to turnaround the situation finally came up at the end of 2017. Apple succeeded in finding a job in HK, on board in March 2018. This is a milestone for Vincent and Apple, finally, they confirmed to spend life together and walk into marriage.

Vincent made the proposal on the 28th of April, 2018, one month after Apple being in HK and also it was the two years’ anniversary of the couple. They just recently held their wedding in June 2019.”

Thank you for letting us be in a part of your journey,
Linh & Duc

And of course, thanks to our amazing vendors: 
MUAH: Jiyoung Yang
Suit: Suit Supply
Dress: Badgley Mischka
Flowers: La Plume Fleurs Paris
Transportation: Cabtain Paris

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We'd love to hear more from you, and let’s make your dream photos happen!

Linh & Duc