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Morning sunrise with you in Paris

It was Mary and Alex first trip together after being in love. And they chose Paris to be their first special destination. How could it get more romantic than this?

We know that choosing the perfect photographer is hard, and especially if you are a photographer yourself. Since that is the case for our couple, Mary told us that she did a lot of research online to find their perfect photographer. They were looking for a distinct style, a bit different and somewhat a bit moody also. She told us that they were lucky to have found us.

As for our part, it was a perfect match also! We love Mary and Alex’s work. You can check them out here. You could feel their amazing energy, their vibrancy, and they were such awesome to work it. So we all woke up early on a summer morning in Paris for some gorgeous photos. You will see that morning light is the best light for photos, (and that we can assure you!)

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