A winter wedding in Paris

Our couple decided to have their big day, a winter wedding in Paris. And to be honest, what's more romantic than having your wedding in Paris? 

Katherine and Badih are a super sweet couple that we had the chance to take their pre-wedding photos in Paris back in August. Despite the fact that Katherine lives in the US and Badih is currently working in Paris, they decided to have their big day, a winter wedding in Paris. And to be honest, what’s more romantic than having your wedding in the city of love?

A cold yet beautiful sunny winter day in the city, starting from Trocadero, Galleries Vivienne to the Seine river bank near Notre Dame church and ended with the civil ceremony at the city hall in the 13th district.

Ready to discover Katherine and Badih’s winter wedding story?

The way we met was very 21st century: we found each other on the popular dating website OKCupid when we were both in Boston. Our first conversation was about soccer- we aren’t even big soccer fans, but both followed enough teams at that point to talk about it!

Our first date was at Render Cafe in Boston- where I ordered a really nice Hazelnut latte. Unfortunately, I spent the first few minutes of our date choking and coughing on the coffee, and Badih had to run and get me extra napkins. I thought that was super nice and caring of him. We later went back to the cafe, and realized that while the latte was delicious, it had small ground up Hazelnuts in it- so my choking was totally justified!

Winter wedding Paris photography galeries vivienne

The first time we held hands was in the Natural History Museum in Harvard. Badih loves all museums, while I get easily bored- but Natural History Museums are a good compromise for us! We also went to the Natural History Museum in the Jardin de Plantes in Paris, which we totally loved.

In terms of traveling, I had never really traveled much outside of North America. I had a list of places in Europe I had seen online that I dreamt of going to. For example, I had Cinque Terre as my desktop background in college because I thought it was so beautiful. After Badih moved to Paris, my dream of going to these places became a reality. There was nothing better than opening my window at the hotel and getting to experience the same view I had on my computer for years!

The highest elevation we’ve ever been to is 3,842 meters, on Aiguille du Midi

Winter wedding Paris photography galeries vivienne
Vintage Winter wedding Paris photography galeries vivienne

The longest drive we’ve been on together is from Wurzburg, Germany to Austria. Our final destination was Neuschwanstein Castle- another one of my dream destinations. The path we followed was called “The Romantic Road,” and we got to stop by many adorable German villages. Our GPS also got confused, and took us through the backroads just as it began to downpour in the Alpes. We were driving on small dirt roads as fog rolled down the mountains. While it was a scary drive, there was also something very romantic and beautiful about it.

You are my today and all of my tomorrows.

Isn’t winter wedding just so romantic and beautiful? If you are looking to have your wedding or couple photos in the winter in Paris, then don’t hesitate to give us an email!

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