Best locations for your Paris Pre-Wedding photos

Through T&K's full-day pre-wedding photos, follow us and explore Paris, the city of love. If you're looking for inspiration for the best location for your pre-wedding, engagement, or even wedding photos here in Paris, you're in for a treat!
Bride and groom through the glass at a Paris cafe
Bride and groom at a cafe in Paris

1. Streets with Eiffel tower

If you love some pics with the Iron Lady but want it to be more unique then the streets with the Eiffel Tower are for you! 😏 Those who venture here for their Paris pre-wedding photos will find joy in each other and the bustling world around them. 🤫 Psst, you might need to stand in the middle of the streets for us.

Once you’ve confirmed your booking with us, we’ll send you an Exclusive location suggestions list with detailed spots for you to choose from! Do wear outfits that are easy to move around though as these streets are usually very small and have a lot of cars passing by. 🚗

Paris pre-wedding photos with Eiffel tower
Bride and groom on Eiffel tower street
Best locations for Paris pre-wedding photos Eiffel tower

2. Parisian streets

But the Eiffel Tower doesn’t have to be in the shot to make a photoshoot in Paris special. The streets of the city are sometimes just enough. 🤎 They make a beautiful backdrop for a stylish bride and groom all on their own. We think every Paris photographer agrees with us. ✨ There’s indeed something special about the street vibes here. 

paris pre-wedding photos on the street
Paris street for pre-wedding photos

3. Parisian hotel with its balcony

Take your photo shoot to a Parisian hotel for a more relaxed scene. Here, the bride and groom can document their pre-wedding jitters, their bubbly excitement for the day to come. 🥂 Meanwhile, they can gaze out over the picturesque streets of Paris below and become one with the romantic beat of Parisian life. What’s Paris without croissants, coffee, and macarons? 🥐🥖☕

Best locations for Paris pre-wedding photos

4. Parisian cafe

If breakfast on a Parisian balcony is not your thing, we’ve got you! 😉 Cafes are an iconic location in Paris and the scene of romantic tête-à-têtes in many pieces of Parisian art. How about sitting on a terrace cafe and enjoy a hot cafe au lait whilst people watching? ☕🧡 Not to mention those photos “through the glass” will make it super romantic for your Paris pre-wedding photos.

Bride and groom at a cafe in Paris
Top locations for Paris pre-wedding photos
Bride and groom through the glass at a Paris cafe

5. Eiffel tower in Trocadero

There’s probably no need to describe the Eiffel tower view from Trocadero square as it’s the most 🌟 iconic 🌟location of the city. Beware of the crowds though! We would need to start our photoshoot really early if you’d like some pre-wedding photos here in Paris! 

Top locations for Paris wedding Eiffel tower in Trocadero
Couple dancing in front of Eiffel tower in Paris
Best locations for Paris pre-wedding Eiffel tower in Trocadero
Asian bride for Paris wedding with Eiffel tower in Trocadero

6. Seine river with Eiffel tower view

To soften the edges of a Paris photoshoot while still letting everyone know, “Hey, these photos were taken in Paris,” pre-wedding photos by the Seine is a great idea! 😎 The Eiffel Tower still looms large and strong in the background, but it is now a complementary backdrop. The camera is more focused on the couple as opposed to the famous landmark nearby. It’s a happy medium between making a bold statement and sharing an intimate moment. 🤎

Even the Seine river without the Iron Lady is extremely romantic, check this out! 

Best locations for Paris pre-wedding Eiffel tower by the Seine river
Paris pre-wedding Eiffel tower by the Seine river
Paris pre-wedding Eiffel tower by the Seine river

7. Petit Palais

For the couple who loves beauty and the glam of royalty, the Petit Palais is the place to take photos. 👑💛 The front steps of the Petit Palais are exquisite for dresses that cascade in the back. Meanwhile, the gold doorway and intricate scrollwork of the stone walls just speak opulence and romance. One couldn’t ask for a more beautiful backdrop for your Paris pre-wedding photos.
Best locations Paris pre-wedding Petit Palais Golden gate

8. Louvre museum

The Louvre is a place of art, culture, and history. 🖌 Taking your Paris pre-wedding photos here does not only mean the famous pyramids but also the gorgeous architecture that the Louvre has to offer! Check out this STUNNING corridor! 👇

Bride and groom standing in Louvre museum for Paris wedding
Bride portrait in Louvre museum for Paris wedding

9. Jardin des Tuileries

Jardin des Tuileries is a classy, elegant location for a couple to take their pre-wedding photos in Paris. The expansive grounds provide ample room to play with for light and freedom of movement. 🍃 The white stone of the pathways and the lush greenery of the garden lend natural beauty to the location, markedly different from the straight lines and structures of Paris’s architectural landmarks. 🌿🌸🌼 As you can see, there is something for every kind of bride and groom in the city of love.

Engagement photos in Jardin des Tuilleries
Couple in casual outfit in Jardin des Tuilleries
Pre-wedding photoshoot in Tuileries Garden, Paris

10. Alexandre III Bridge

Imagine feeling like Cinderella and her prince when taking your pre-wedding photos on the Alexandre III Bridge? 👸🤴 This is a place to be big and bold. The white balustrade and the three-armed lanterns on the bridge are old and elegant, throwbacks to a time of pomp and tradition. 💛 For the couple that wants to feel like royalty looking out over the most romantic city in the world, the Alexandre III Bridge is the place to take their Paris photoshoot.

Paris Wedding on Alexandre III bridge
Couple running on Alexandre III bridge

11. Bir Hakeim bridge

The Bir Hakeim Bridge is the perfect location for brides and grooms who adore some moderns vibes. 🖤 The industrial drama of the Bir Hakeim columns makes a fitting backdrop for couples with more modern sensibilities and who love the hard lines of Parisian architecture. Plus, who doesn’t like to say “Hey, we did our wedding photos on the bridge where they shot Inception!” 😎 How cool is that right?
Bride and groom kissing on Bir Hakeim bridge
Bride and groom kissing on Bir Hakeim bridge with Eiffel tower

We are visual storytellers through and through. We like to think of ourselves as go-getters and trendsetters. The power of love and romance defines us and what we do. We don’t want to just give you pretty pictures. While the images will be stunning, your day should be meaningful. Something that deserves to be remembered for the rest of your lives.

We offer an experience that will stay with you forever both in your memories and with the images we capture. We aim for the highest standard possible. We will listen to and work with you so that we’ll capture your dream Parisian adventure.

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