Couple stories

Are you looking for inspiration for your upcoming Paris couple photos? Get inspired by our couples stories.

Once-in-a-lifetime, Paris under the snow

Paris is magical when it snow. And it sure is a rare chance to capture one of our couple under this magic.
Kiran x Kevin – Paris Engagement photographer
Since the couple has been living in Paris for a quite a while, they wanted to choose a less-touristy spot but it still captures the essence of the city of love. And we couldn't agree more, admiring Paris from high above is truly another sensation
A sunset stroll in our favorite locations in Paris
We set up our rendez-vous at sunset in few of our favorite locations to capture their love during the glorious golden hour in Paris
Destination: New York – A pre-wedding in this fast-pace city
We got contacted by Hoang Anh & Van, a Vietnamese couple living in New York for their engagement shoot. They opted for stylish vibes as the bride wore a super chic white suit. We also wanted to blend in with the modern, fast-paced vibes of New York City.
Escape game inspired surprise proposal in Paris
We organized a small treasure hunt in Paris' most beautiful locations that leads to a surprising end for our couple.
Couple photoshoot Paris in Autumn
Our favorite season of the year. We share with you J&M couple photos on a dazzling autumn day
Intimate Pre-wedding & Engagement at Île Saint-Louis
Join J&P for their intimate pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot at Île Saint-Louis. Are there a more romantic city than the City of Love itself?
The Perfect Parisian Surprise Proposal
Have you ever dreamt of having a surprise proposal with the Eiffel tower as a witness?