Currently living in Paris – the city of love, the capital of fashion, and along with our passion, Through The Glass Paris will be the “lens of happiness” capturing your most beloved and ever-lasting memories in this city.

Our clients come from different cultures such as the USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, France,… We have had a lot of experience with requests like surprise proposals, couple sessions, and elopements or wedding shoots. Our style is natural, romantic and soft with a touch of a moody tone. We love for our clients to enjoy the experience in front of our lens, to just be themselves. With each of our photoshoots, we try to tell a unique story with a Parisian twist.

For us, photography is not just as simple as pressing a button, it is also a search for the beauty of each and every human being. Through a loving gaze, or by holding hands gently, and of course with a passionate kiss, being able to capture those moments, makes us the luckiest people in the world.

We speak English, French, and Vietnamese. 


Meet Our Team



Photography became a part of Linh’s life since she was 15. At the beginning, it was just taking portraits of friends, families and herself. It was not long before she realized how much she loved capturing the moment, seeing happiness or melancholy through her lens. Thanks to photography, she learned to admire the world from another perspective. Nothing is boring or uninteresting any longer; everything around us has its own soul and if we look at them from another point of view, they might surprise us.



Duc has been living in diverse cultures such as Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines and France. This has left him with lots of time wandering around the streets, in different corners. It has somehow lit up his passion for photography. Starting with street photos, he always wanted to capture the beauty, the soul of the people or of a particular place through his lenses. From there, the photos, videos just developed and slowly became a part of his life. He is also a huge fan of analog photography.


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