Who are we?

Xin chào! Welcome to our page, we’re so delighted that you have decided to know more about us.

We are Linh and Duc, wedding photographer & videographer based in Paris, France. We also travel around the world for destination weddings and elopements.

Linh & Duc

Both of us are from Vietnam – home to the most amazing food like Pho & Banh mi, and we have been together for the past 6 years. Before meeting each other, we actually lived in different parts of the world. For Duc, it was Korea, the Philippines, and for Linh, it was Lithuania, a very charming country in Eastern Europe. And somehow, we stumbled upon one another during our summer vacation back in Vietnam through a mutual friend.

Besides our passion for capturing love stories, we also share a great love for omakase, bubble tea, and traveling. When we’re not photographing weddings and couples, you’ll probably see us wandering around Paris & the world, or maybe staying in and enjoy delicious home-cook food. Ah yes, our favorite sitcom is Friends & Grey’s Anatomy, yours too?

Meet Linh

A lover for all-thing-vintage, bubble tea, and K-drama addict.
With a background in Hotel management and Digital marketing, you’ll probably be talking to Linh on social media & emails.

Meet Duc

A software engineer and self-taught DJ.
Probably the most chill but pretty cool dude you’ll ever encounter. He’ll definitely know where the best techno music is in town.

Still have question?

We’d love to meet and work with you

Everyone deserves to have their love story told and we’d love to be the ones to tell it. We treat our couples like family and we will help you to achieve your dreams any way that we can. 
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