What kinds of photoshoots do you do?

We offer photography services such as couple, engagement, pre-wedding, elopements and destination weddings. You can read more about each of our services here. Please feel free to have a look at our Couples’ stories for the full album of our work here. Check out the testimonials of our clients here.

What is your booking procedure?

Booking us is super easy. Send us an email via our contact form and we’ll send over our price list. We’ll discuss to find the most suitable package for you.

How far in advance should we book you?

We work on a first-come, first-served
basis. We’d recommend you book your Paris shoot as soon as you have your date, especially for June to October as the date can run out fast. We will also take last-minute bookings if we have availability.

Check out our availabilities.

It’s our first time doing a Paris photoshoot, and I don't know how to pose!

We will guide you throughout the shoot so no worries! Just sleep well the night before, relax, and get ready to have fun during your shooting with us in Paris.

Do you travel for destination weddings, elopements outside of Paris?

Of course! We love to travel and capture your beautiful and unique stories 🙂 Let’s get in touch so we could discuss more your idea!

When is the best time to do photo-shoot in Paris?

The golden hour is the best time for shooting. If you’re interested in shooting at famous attractions such as the Eiffel tower, the Louvre museum, etc. then we’d suggest starting at around sunrise time to have the best light and avoid the crowd. Sunset is beautiful as well, however, we would need to shoot at other less crowded locations.

What are the best location to photograph in Paris?

Usually, we don’t have a set itinerary for your Paris photoshoots. We personalize it for each of our shootings according to your personalities, preferences, and outfits. We will send you some Paris locations ideas if you’re looking for inspiration.

Can we change outfits during our photo session?

For Paris photo shoots that are more than 2 hours, yes, you could change your outfits. For 1 hour, as time does not permit, so we can do 1 outfit only. You could change your outfits in a cafe if we’re shooting there or please be ready that you might need to change in a hidden corner.

Can we choose which photos to edit? Is this possible to get the raw files or all of the unedited jpg images?

Our goal is to capture your emotions, your love for each other in each of the photos. We will select photos from the shooting that is in line with the artistic standards of our work so that we can best tell your love stories. We would like to deliver you the final product to you. The photos out of the cameras are not an actual photos file, they have to be processed by our editing program. It takes a lot of time for post-processing for each of the photos. It’s an industry standard to not deliver unedited images. However, there’s an option to purchase the original un-editted images if you’re interested.

How do we travel between our Paris shoots?

Walking in Paris is always beautiful and fun. However, if the locations are not within walking distance, then we’d suggest taking an Uber or Taxi.

There’s an option to rent a car with a driver as well. This comes really in handy if you’re doing a multiple-hour shooting and wearing a wedding dress. You could even change in the car!

Let us know if you want to book a driver and we can help you with that.

Can you edit our photos in a different style?

Please have a look at our photos here so that you can make sure that you like our style. Feel free as well to communicate your style preferences to us, we will do our best to accommodate them.

However, if you’re looking for a completely opposite style, lighting, etc. then we’d suggest that you contact other photographers.

Can you help me plan my wedding?

Yes we do! Please specify in our contact form you wish to have us plan your wedding or your elopement. We do offer this service and the price varies on the complexity of the project.

Can you recommend other vendors such as makeup artists, florists, wedding planners, videographers, etc.?

Yes, absolutely! We will share with you our recommended vendors after your booking confirmation.

What if it rains on the day of our shooting in Paris?

If it rains, we could modify the shooting time or change the photoshoot date according to our and your availability. If it’s not possible then please prepare transparent umbrellas in case we need them for our shoot.

What if the weather is too cold? How can I be prepared?

If the weather is a bit chilly, then we’d suggest having a nice jacket for your photoshoot so you could take it on and off for the photos. You could also buy hot pads that you can stick them to your body, it will keep you warmer.

And what if it's too hot?

Always stay hydrated! We’ll avoid shooting at the hottest time since we know that it’s not that pleasant.

How to be comfortable for the photoshoot?

I have a big wedding dress...

If you’re shooting for your pre-wedding then we’d suggest hiring an assistant to help with the dress. It will be more convenient to have an assistant help adjusting the wedding dress and keep an eye on your belongings while shooting. We can definitely help you to find someone.

I have high heels...

Wearing heels in Paris is very romantic and adds up a lot to your photos. But we understand that it’s not easy walking on cobblestone on high heels, therefore, please keep in mind to bring another pair of shoes with you that are comfortable to walk around and you could slip them on easily.

Is Paris safe?

Paris is fairly a safe city, however, like any big city, there can always be some unattended incidents. We’d recommend you to bring the minimum to the photo shoot and keep watch of your belonging, especially passport, phone and money. If you need a safe place we can always place them in our camera bag since we always carry them around with our full attention.