How to install Lightroom Mobile Presets

Wondering how you can install Lightroom Mobile presets? Here is a quick and easy guide on you can install our Terra-Cotta presets.
Rust Preset Edited

We are pleased to announce that our Lightroom presets now works on mobile devices too! There’s no need to buy a Lightroom CC license when you can edit your picture using our Lightroom mobile presets.  With this new presets, Mobile phone users will now be able to create beautiful picture on the go!

As of November 2020, Adobe still not allow Lightroom mobile to install Lightroom CC preset, but worry not, there is a work around that allow you install our presets on your favorite touch devices.

Step 1 - Download the Preset & Share it on your phone

Purchase our Terra-Cotta Lightroom Mobile Presets

Extract the .zip file you downloaded from our confirmation email after your purchase.

Once downloaded, you will see the following files:

AirDrop / Share those files to your iOS or Android devices. If you don’t have AirDrop, you can also use Telegram or WhatsApp to send these files to our phone.


Step 2 - Select the shared .dng files

Once you have downloaded the .DNG files to your phone, in iOS, you will see 3 empty images.

This is expected.

Go ahead and select the 3 images, then click on More as shown in the picture on the right of this text.

Step 3 - Import to Lightroom

Scroll down on the list of applications and click on “Lightroom”.

This will import the 3 .dng files to your Lightroom Mobile

Step 4.1 - Create a new Preset

You will now see the .DNG files has been imported to your Lightroom.
Congrats, you are very close to done!
Click on each image, then select the “…” at the top right of your screen.
There will be a new popup, go ahead and click on “Create Preset”

Step 4.2 - Create a new Preset

Once clicked on “Create Preset” from the previous step, you can now type in the name of the preset like in the picture on the right.

Then, click on the “” at the top right corner of the screen.

Your preset will be saved and ready to use!



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