A romantic pre-wedding in Paris

The most romantic pre-wedding shot in Paris? The bride and groom ran away from their hectic wedding preparation to arrive in the city of romance, Paris

During our career as wedding photographers in Paris, we have been lucky enough to meet lots of lovely couples and of, without doubt, Izza and Akibee were one of them. As you all may (or may not) know, to book a photo session with a Wedding photographer in Paris is possibly not that hard, but the Sweden Vietnamese couple contacted us way before their actual planned date in Paris anyway.

We had so much fun together even though it was just a few hours in the heart of Paris. Besides, they were kind enough to accept our request for a mini interview. Through The Glass Paris hasn’t had a proper interview with any of our clients before, so this is indeed a really great opportunity for not only us, but also for our dear readers, to take a different look on how Izza and Akibee’s experience with us!

How did you two meet and how long have you been with each other?

We started to talk on Facebook ? through a mutual friend, we noticed each other and started to write private. ?we talked on the phone/fb for 4 months before we decided to meet up for the first time! And now 8 years after.. we are Getting married !

How was your experience with us?

We enjoyed every minute of the photoshot!!! Linh was superduper professional through the whole session! She also helped us to find a florist and a hairdresser ? and the most important thing : We laughed and had so much fun! Thank you for catching those unforgettable moments!

A memorable story of you two together

It would be our first date! We lived about 100km from each other so he Said he would come up and visit me! I was sooo nervous that day.. I thought ”What if we don’t click irl?” So many thoughts were going through my mind..
We met up and went to cinema, had lunch and went for a Walk at the end of our date. We found a spot beside the river and sat down to talked. Then the sky started to Pour down ☔️☔️☔️ he took his umbrella out and pulled me closer.. And huged me! It felt just like a scen from a movie.?From that day we have not been separated!

Why did you choose us?

I found your website and it led me to your instagram! Ohhh I loved your photos! The feels in it! The colors!?It was excatly what I imagined my pre-wedding photos would look like?

Why did you decide to shoot in Paris?

Paris had always been a dream of mine (Izza) to shoot my wedding pictures! Our first time visiting Paris was just last year and we both felt in love with the city!! It just has the feels like no other places we have been before. Soooo of course we had to come back for our wedding photos ?

Wedding dress: Lanting Bride
Wedding ring: Cartier 
Suit: Tiger of Sweden
Groom’s shoes: Hugo Boss
Flower bouquet: La Plume Fleur Paris
Hair stylist: Lili

We started our journey as wedding photographers in Paris as a way to meet new people from all around the world. It’s not just about the client-photographer relationships but also about meeting and getting to know your stories.

Our photography style is warm & moody, with a touch of elegance & vintage. For the photos to always be chic yet timeless, we aim for the highest result, meaning even to the smallest details and gesture, especially your candid moments. We truly believe that it’s the small things that make all the difference.

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