Chic & modern Paris Wedding photo shoot

“Just add three letters to Paris, and you have paradise.” – once said Jules Renard.

We offer photo shooting packages tailored to your preferences. A lot of couples came to us asking to take their photos in their wedding attire in Paris as they didn’t have the photos they wanted on their wedding day or just simply that they didn’t have enough time. Even though we are always up to doing a mini session- 1 hour Paris shoot at a specific location, however, doing a multiple hours Paris Wedding or Engagement shoot gives us the possibilities to better tell your love story, and at the same time, you could discover different and hidden places of the city. And yes, Paris always has its secrets that could always surprise you, and even us sometimes!

So what does a multi-hour Paris Wedding or Engagement photoshoot look like?

Here is an example of a 4-hour shoot we did with Loan and Quang. And make sure also to check out also our Paris Engagement/Pre-wedding guide for more tips for an amazing shooting. We also wrote a guide on Paris Elopement/intimate wedding. 

We started off with an early morning session at the Louvre museum. Normally, it is full of tourists during peak hours. However, if we manage to reach there early, it turns out to be extremely tranquil and picturesque. From the iconic Louvre pyramid to and historical architecture in the square, you’ll have it all for yourself. The Louvre museum is perfect for both formal and casual outfits. But in this location,  our groom wore a classic suit with a modern bow tie. While our bride opted for a simple white wedding dress with a statement bow in the back to match the surroundings with classical Parisian vibes.

The next stop for our shooting was with majestic Iron Lady – Eiffel Tower. We all know the famous Trocadero square (Place du Trocadero) with the iconic Eiffel view.  As Paris photographers, we always love to take you our hidden gems where the iconic embodiment of Paris could be elegantly captured in the back. Don’t worry if you don’t know where they are, once you’ve confirmed your booking with us, we will share with you these hidden gems. Let us show you how beautiful Paris is through every unknown street, every “petit” artsy corner that you haven’t discovered yet!

Usually, with the streets that have Eiffel tower in the background, there are cars passing by so the outfit choice must be something easy to move around. And in this case, our bride chose a white suit paired with a veil that gave it such a chic vibe, perfect for Paris Wedding or Engagement photos! Changed from his formal suit, his choice of outfits for this spot was a casual suit paired with white sneakers which gave him a more relaxed vibe but still looking sharp and stylish.  You can even spell the word “Elegance” out of the pictures, we bet!

While admiring Paris’s’ view with the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum, it’s always such a nice idea to admire Paris from above as well. It is known that Montmartre has the best panoramic view of the city of love but it’s not always easy to cross Paris with the traffic and limited time. So let us give you our little secret! On the top floor of Galeries Lafayette, you have a beautiful and unique bird’s eye view of Paris with all the artistic rooftops, the Opera house and as well as the Eiffel tower. Plus, it’s completely free to get in! Try to get there at the opening time of the mall (and yeah, you’re welcome :p). Because it can be filled with a lot of people as well, casual clothing with dynamic combinations would totally make a great shot!

Last but not least, let’s not forget the charming Parisian streets and cafes. They are indeed an iconic beauty of the French capital. There are tons of coffee shops scattering all around the peaceful and artsy streets of Paris so you can easily find one dedicated just for the two of you. Bridal outfits or casual clothing would be perfect in any case!. A cup of “café au lait”, a morning newspaper tagged along with some croissants are exactly the wordless definition of Parisian life. Try to find a cafe that has a glass window/wall so that you could take some “Through The Glass Paris” shots. 😉 

Different outfits come with different makeup and hairstyle, don’t they?

The answer is 100% yes. That’s why Through The Glass Paris will recommend you our trusted makeup artists to accompany you during the session. We truly understand the need to customize the makeup and hair according to each amazing outfit you choose.  Every procedure will be done directly en route! How cool is that? 

How about transportation?

To make your experience even more enjoyable, it’s advised to have a car rental service for the whole session so that you could change and store your clothes in the car as well as doing touchup as well. We know that it’s not easy organizing a shoot from afar, that’s why during your consultation with us, we’ll try our best to support and organize your shoot in the best way possible.

With multi-hour shoots, the above locations and outfits are just an example of what our clients did. We can, of course, personalize it according to your preferences. The numbers of outfits changes and locations will depend as well so feel free to contact us here so that we could start discussing your dream Paris Engagement/Pre-wedding shoots! We believe that, as you are in Paris, and if you have time, try to take it slow, enjoy the vibes and live as a true Parisian.

Hope this helps! Au revoir!

MUAH: An Dieu Pham
Transportation: Cabtain Paris

We'd love to hear more from you, and let’s make your dream photos happen!

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We'd love to hear more from you, and let’s make your dream photos happen!

Linh & Duc