Enchanting Wedding at Chateau de Bouelles

Ever dreamed of a wedding taking place in a charming chateau deep in the woods of the French countryside? If so, then check this couple's wedding we got to capture for some inspiration
Chateau Wedding french countryside

Aubrey & Jason chose a charming castle nestled in the countryside of France, about a two-hour drive from Paris city. The French chateau decor is simple yet striking creating a spectacular ambiance for weddings. The chateau is surrounded by a field all around making it the perfect spot for the couple looking for an outdoor wedding in the spring or summer time.

While the bride and groom got ready in separate chambers, we went outside to pick some fresh flowers from the Chateaus gardens for the flat lay. The Chateau is owned by Swarovski, the interior had a marvelous drape of Swarovski beads from the ceiling that created a lovely shadow on the flat lay.

How stunning is this, Chateau? This isn’t even half of it!

A Toast for the Boys

The groomsmen got together to wish Jason a happy marriage and help him get ready for his big day. The boys laughed and joked and expressed their happiness for their friend who found the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Jason looked dashing as ever in his tux and we can’t wait to show you his reaction as he saw his soon-to-be wife walk down the aisle.

The boys poured some whiskey and drank to Jason’s wedding day!

Cheers & Chic

Our bride got ready in a separate chamber with the help of her mother and bridesmaid. Aubrey chose an elegant V-neck wedding dress with a statement bow at the back. Her hair was in a soft bun and wispy hair framed her face.

Audrey planned a first look moment with her father after she was finished getting ready since her dad is Afterall her first love. She has a little surprise for him, a little personalized gift.

It was time. When Aubrey’s father got to lay his eyes on her and see his daughter in a wedding dress ready to get married to the man o her dreams.

She engraved a little message on a handkerchief saying, “I will always be your little girl” – Love, Aubrie

We’re not crying, you are.

Wedding Bells Chiming

Chateau Wedding Ceremony

Jason walked down the aisle with all smiles, excited that the moment was finally here. He was accompanied by his best man who would be officiating the wedding. As everyone settled down, the musicians began playing a wedding processional song for the bride’s entrance.

Our hearts did a little leap as we captured Jason & Aubrey’s reaction as their eye met one another in the aisle.

The vows were spoken from the heart & joy shined through their faces after saying ‘I do’ forever.

A little game of Croquet

What’s a Chateau wedding without a little game of Croquet? Croquet is a very old game, widely known and practiced in France since the XI century under the name of ‘jeu de mail.’

Or if you’re like us you probably only ever heard of croquet because of the steamy game that happened between Anthony & Kate in Bridgeton season 2.

What a cool & unique way to incorporate fun activities into a wedding day!

Chasing Sunsets

You know the drill now. Every Chateau wedding has a must-sunset chase right before it sets. The golden hour gives photos a spark that nobody can resist.

Aubrey & Jason ran under the last rays of the warm sun. It was magical

Dinner Reception

Dinner took place outside the castle since the weather was so nice. It had an elegant and rustic feel to it with the floral decor and wooden chairs.

The night concluded on a champagne pop and dancing

Aubrey & Jason ended the night with a sparkler exit

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