The Perfect Parisian Surprise Proposal

Have you ever dreamt of having a surprise proposal with the Eiffel tower as a witness?
surprise proposal photography paris she said yes

Have you ever dreamt of having a surprise proposal with the Eiffel tower as a witness?

Well, anything is possible in Paris. Rachel and Vik had the best time of their lives when Vik proposed to Rachel in front of the symbol of love.

The planning had started a few months before the special date. Vik contacted us with a request for his surprise proposal. We then worked together to plan everything out from the exact meeting point to the timing, all in SECRET.

On the special day, Linh was standing from afar trying to snap the couple’s movements without Rachel knowing. Then Vik started to bend down his knees. And we couldn’t have agreed more, everything went just perfect!

The surprise factor, the expression of the couple, the background shinning behind,… they really added up to the uniqueness of this wonderful surprise proposal in Paris.

Check out our result here!

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We offer an experience that will stay with you forever both in your memories and with the images we capture. We aim for the highest standard possible. We will listen to and work with you so that we’ll capture your dream Parisian adventure.

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