Chic & Modern Paris Wedding with views over Eiffel Tower

Jen & Lucas' chic Paris wedding unfolded with unmatched elegance and romance. From the intimate first look to the captivating yacht ceremony overlooking the Eiffel Tower, this celebration was an exquisite blend of charm, and pure Parisian enchantment.
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Destination elopement wedding Paris Place Vedome couple with vintage car

When one thinks of Paris, timeless romance and unparalleled fashion inevitably come to mind. Jen & Lucas’ Paris wedding took these iconic Parisian elements and elevated them to something truly cinematic. From the stunning bride making a fashion statement to the captivating ceremony on a yacht with an unbeatable Eiffel Tower view, it was truly a day to remember.

The Bachelorette Party: A Prelude to Glamour

A day before the big “I do”, Jen made a glamorous entrance for her intimate bachelorette party, embodying chic elegance in a top adorned with feathers, and white suit trousers paired with white sneakers. She arrived in style in a sleek limo, setting the tone for the night ahead. Jen and her friends celebrated on a private rooftop overlooking the Eiffel Tower while popping champagne bottles against the Parisian skyline and having fun.

The Wedding Day: The Epitome of Elegance and Romance

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Jen & Lucas’ wedding day began in the opulent rooms of the Hotel du Louvre, getting ready for their big day.  In the serene moments of Jen’s preparations, she was the epitome of grace, her mother and maid of honor assisting her with the statement bow dress, complemented by personalized gloves and a birdcage veil that exuded vintage charm. In the meantime, the groom, with his simple and elegant black suit, and his party were gathered in the lobby, eagerly awaiting the ceremonies while having fun among themselves!

First Glances

Jen had a first look with her bridesmaids first in the hotel lobby and then with her future husband in the Louvre’s hallway.

First look with Bridesmaids

As Jen walked in, the bridesmaids were speechless and stunned by how beautiful Jen was on her day in her simple yet elegant dress. Their reactions were palpable, utter awe at her breathtaking and fashionable look. Everything, from the dress to her accessories, blended perfectly and created a look like no other.

Intimate first look with the groom

For the first look between the couple, they wanted to keep it intimate and do it in the Louvre’s hallway. Lucas was there, waiting for Jen impatiently. This was gonna be his first time seeing Jen in her wedding dress. Indeed, when she tapped on his shoulder and he finally saw her, he couldn’t hold some tears. The couple took other shots in the Louvre hallway, enjoying each other’s company, before moving to Place Vendome.

Wandering around Paris before the ceremony

As the day unfolded, the couple decided to enjoy the Parisian streets with their white vintage car before the ceremony. Their outfits were a sight to behold, Jen in her standout bridal ensemble by THEIA Couture and Lucas, dapper in a black suit. The first stop was Place Vendome, an iconic square known for its opulence, history, and significance in the world of luxury and fashion. Indeed, there’s a link between this square and the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel, who established one of the first stores in Place Vendome and lived in the Ritz Hotel for many years. Moreover, the shape of the square and the Vendome Column influenced her jewellery designs, especially the octagonal shape of her iconic No.5 perfume bottle. The luxurious vibes of the square perfectly matched our couple’s elegance and their Rolls Royce, amplifying the vintage charm of their Paris wedding.

Destination elopement wedding Paris Place Vedome Chanel store couple kissing
Destination elopement wedding Paris Place Vedome couple with vintage car

Then, we headed to some hidden streets with the Eiffel Tower view, making Jen & Lucas’ Paris Wedding like a typical romantic Parisian movie. The city’s architecture and ambiance made our couple’s day even more special and memorable!

The perfect Paris Wedding with an Eiffel Tower Backdrop

Jen & Lucas wanted an intimate and spectacular ceremony, so they chose a yacht on the Seine River as their wedding venue. Moreover, they wanted their guests to enjoy the wedding while seeing the city since for many of them was their first time in Paris. We can confirm that it is stunning having the whole Eiffel view for yourself and your guests during the ceremony. The amazing view over the Seine River paired with the simple white and green decorations created an ambiance of timeless elegance. The ceremony started when the bride arrived in a vintage car with her dad while everyone was cheering. It was a touching moment having her dad walking her down to the Yacht, where Lucas was waiting for her. It all continued among tears of joy and laughter during their vows and exchange of rings. Moreover, a unique tradition for Jen & Lucas started.

Our officiant had a super fun idea to bring a wooden box with a bottle of wine in it, and Lucas and I would each nail it shut during the ceremony.  The idea was that we would open it in 10 years on our anniversary. He had us each write love letters and add them to the box before sealing it. We are so thankful he suggested this idea and even provided the wine and box. It made for a fun activity during the ceremony as our loved ones watched, and we look forward to enjoying that bottle and the letters together someday – Jen
Destination elopement wedding Paris yacht ceremony with Eiffel Tower backdrop
Destination elopement wedding Paris yacht ceremony with Eiffel Tower backdrop
Destination elopement wedding Paris yacht ceremony groom and bride's dad
Destination elopement wedding Paris yacht ceremony with Eiffel Tower backdrop
Destination elopement wedding Paris yacht ceremony with Eiffel Tower backdrop
Destination elopement wedding Paris yacht ceremony with Eiffel Tower backdrop petal toss

Evening Enchantment on the Seine under the Parisian Sky

As night fell, the Eiffel Tower, now brilliantly illuminated, provided a surreal backdrop for the couple’s first dance, which was a blend of romance and euphoria. The evening blossomed with fun and joy as a live band serenaded the guests and an artist captured the couple’s moments on canvas, which will be a unique memory for them in the future.

Destination elopement wedding Paris yacht couple's portrait on canvas
Destination elopement wedding Paris yacht bouquet toss

The celebration reached its pinnacle with a sparkling cake, and a champagne tower, and they were all having so much fun that Jen & Lucas decided to stretch their celebration past midnight, they describe that extra hour as “one of the most magical moments of our lives”. To wrap up this perfect Paris wedding, a shot was captured of the Eiffel Tower blinking in the night while our newlyweds were having the best time during their special day.

For Jen & Lucas, their day couldn’t have been more perfect than that. All the emotions and memories shared made it special. This is how Jen describes it:

The day felt like a dream from start to finish, but the most memorable moment was when the boat started to sail on the Seine River at sunset. At one point, the Eiffel Tower started to sparkle just as we passed it, and my sister caught a candid video of Lucas and I dancing together underneath it. When I saw that video the next day, it all felt unreal. We woke up the next morning, looked at each other, and said, “Did that actually happen?” We reminisce often

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