Romantic Parisian Wedding at Ritz Paris

From a sunrise photoshoot around Paris to heartfelt vows in the Ritz's serene gardens, Belle & Brady's intimate day was a blend of charm and romance.
summer wedding at ritz paris
Destination wedding elopement at the luxurious Ritz Paris couple in the gallery

The City of Love played host to countless stories of romance, and for Belle & Brady, Paris was the backdrop for their dream wedding. Their love story, one that began in their childhood, culminated in an intimate wedding with their families at the luxurious Ritz Paris. And from the first light of dawn till the evening’s last toast, their wedding day was what they had always dreamed about.

A Parisian morning like no other

To start their wedding day in the best way possible, Belle & Brady decided on a charming photoshoot around the romantic streets of Paris. They found themselves in Trocadero during sunrise, a spot providing a breathtaking view of the iconic Eiffel Tower, which is even more beautiful with the first lights of the morning! They had fun in the beautiful, lush gardens of Trocadero, running and enjoying the statues, fountains, and the view. Since Trocadero is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris, it’s always crowded, so if you want to enjoy its beauty, early mornings are the best.

Still sleepy and quiet, the city became their playground as they dashed to the Louvre. Their laughter echoed as they danced and ran in its courtyards, creating happy memories for their special day.

Destination wedding elopement in Paris  couple's shooting at the Louvre
Destination wedding elopement in Paris  couple's shooting at the Louvre

The Garden Ceremony for their wedding at the Ritz Paris

Belle & Brady chose the Ritz Paris, synonymous with elegance, as their venue. They held the ceremony in the serene garden, surrounded by greenery and the calming sound of the fountain. Moreover, only their closest families & friends attended, making the event more intimate and special.

Destination wedding elopement at the luxurious Ritz Paris

The anticipation and excitement grew as Belle walked down the aisle accompanied by her father. Our couple had known each other since a young age, as well as their families. So, during the vows, tears of joy and nostalgia mingled with laughter as they remembered moments of their childhood passed together. Furthermore, their intimate ceremony included a unique candle-lighting ritual. Each one of them lit their candles, which represented their individuality. Then, together they ignited a bigger one, symbolizing not just their union but also their journey as partners in life. However, it doesn’t end here because every anniversary, they will light this very candle, and remember their special day.

Destination wedding elopement at the luxurious Ritz Paris garden ceremony reading vows

Cocktail hour

After exchanging rings, sealing their promises with a kiss, and finally becoming husband and wife, classical violin music enveloped them. Hugs, laughter, and countless pictures with their families created an ambiance of joy and happiness!

Destination wedding elopement at the luxurious Ritz Paris couple and families toasting

After the heartfelt ceremony, Belle & Brady took some shots around the hotel, capturing the beauty and grandeur of the Ritz Paris. Of course, they couldn’t miss the magnificence and the grandeur of their surroundings! The ambiance at the Ritz was straight out of a movie. The garden, with its quiet serenity and the soothing sound of the fountain, felt almost unreal.

On the other hand, the gallery offered a touch of contemporary amidst the classic. There were different artworks displayed, showcasing the history of the Ritz. It was a blend of traditional elegance and contemporary charm. The main focus of the gallery was fashion. Indeed, the Ritz Paris is closely linked to the world of high fashion, and that’s why it’s not uncommon to see fashion shows or events happening within its luxurious walls.

Another thing that is special about the Ritz is that one of its most famous long-term residents was the iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel. She lived at the hotel for over 30 years and even had a dedicated suite, Suite 302, preserved in her memory. This same suite was the couple’s, which added a touch of glamour to their wedding at Ritz Paris. With a large window overlooking Place Vendome, they felt like royalty in their own love story.

A dream come true for Belle & Brady

As night descended, dinner became a celebration of love and shared moments between the couple and their guests. The guests gathered around the table, adorned with elegant white and green florals and gentle candlelight, and indulged in prestigious cuisine. Amidst conversations and toasts, they savored every bite and shared memories!

Destination wedding elopement at the luxurious Ritz Paris dinner decoration

This Parisian wedding was a mix of charm, modern luxury, and elegance; we loved being part of it. For Belle & Brady, their special day in Paris wasn’t just a wedding, but a dream coming true, and we’re honored to have been a part of their milestone.

We are visual storytellers through and through. We like to think of ourselves as go-getters and trendsetters. The power of love and romance defines us and what we do. We don’t want to just give you pretty pictures. While the images will be stunning, your day should be meaningful. Something that deserves to be remembered for the rest of your lives.

We offer an experience that will stay with you forever both in your memories and with the images we capture. We aim for the highest standard possible. We will listen to and work with you so that we’ll capture your dream Parisian adventure.

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