That’s right, you read that correctly! Let’s dive into a three-day wedding celebration in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with the bride rocking not one but five stunning dresses! Thousand of candle-lit at the reception, flowers carpet on the ceiling like a dream. Oh, and did we mention there are horses too?

San Miguel de Allende – the epic wedding destination

San Miguel de Allende – one of the most stunning and magical Mexico cities. This city is a UNESCO historic site, a picturesque haven for love, where rich culture, vibrant arts scene, cobblestone streets, and historic architecture promise to give you unforgettable moments for both dream weddings and travel adventures. Especially when Joe – our groom is Mexican, this charming city in the heart of his home country makes it an ideal romantic destination to celebrate his love and life.

With a bit of Mexico from the groom, add a touch of Polish traditions from the bride, and blend in some classic American flair. This will create a wedding that’s not just unique, but also a lively fusion of their cultures!

Day 1 – Welcome event

On the first day of their wedding celebration in San Miguel de Allende, Sam and Joe hosted a welcome event for their loved ones. Our beautiful bride looked fashion forward in a custom design from VHYBE studio – a long-sleeved short dress with elegant lace fabric. Paired with a multi-layered skirt inspired by Mexican fashion, this ensemble stood out as a fancy and chic statement.

The couple booked a villa overlooking the city, and we just love the direct view of the sunset over the backdrop of San Miguel de Allende. As the sun sets, the bride and groom stand in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, capturing the passion of their love amid the town’s timeless charm.

Groom and Bride sunset photosession at destination wedding San Miguel de Allende Mexico

On our way to the party spot, we grabbed the chance to snap some more dazzling photos of Sam and Joe when the sun was just setting. No need for daylight, our couple still shines in their own special way.

Arriving at the Welcome party at Terraza Trinitate

The vibe was just incredible at Terraza Trinitate. A cart filled with red flowers was provided for guests to make handmade flower headbands, adding a touch of Mexican tradition along with a live mariachi band. Laughter everywhere, music that made you want to dance, an endless stream of tequila, and the cheerful chime of glasses. Everyone was partying hard. Such an amazing way to start their wedding celebration!

Day 2: Rehearsal at the Church Iglesia de San Francisco

Since it’s gonna be a big magnificent wedding, the second day is equally important, the rehearsal.

We headed to the church Iglesia de San Francisco to double-check that everything for the ceremony was on track.

Wedding photographer & videographer San Miguel de Allende

The couple’s session at sunset around San Miguel de Allende

Sam wore an open-back dress from MÔNOT– a brand well-known for its standout cut-out designs, which are bold but sophisticated at the same time. A pure white dress with a bare back, high slit was her choice. Perfect for a bridal vibe.

Hand in hand with Joe, wearing a beige suit. We have to say, they look incredibly good together, not a surprise if many passersby think they are a movie star couple.

The Dinner

On the rooftop overlooking Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, everyone gathered around a cozy table to chat, no big partying today because the energies are saved for tomorrow, D-day!

Templo de San Francisco de Asís - San Francisco de Asis Church in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - Drone
Templo de San Francisco de Asís - San Francisco de Asis Church in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - Drone

Day 3: The epic luxury wedding at Saint Miguel de Allende

We started off the day with perfect weather. February turns out to be the perfect month to be in San Miguel de Allende.

As we arrived at the bridal villa, everyone was busy, with a fun atmosphere. All the bridal party was doing their make-up and getting ready for Sam’s special day. Our first step is always to appreciate all the little things that make the big day super memorable. Think about the wedding and engagement rings, that sparkly tiara, those classy Chanel pearl earrings, and even the special perfume made just for the bride. It’s all about those details being captured that bring back all the feels of the day!

The Bridal Italian Villa in Mexico

Sam booked a villa with an Italian vibe, and the suite is absolutely stunning. From all the neoclassical details like the crystal chandelier, and the hand-crafted statue. It looked like the villa was inspired by Italy. And this is exactly the vibe she was aiming for.

Hair and Makeup

Sam had her make-up artist Miranda Cary and her hairdresser Alex Brown for years and now she got to fly her best team all the way from Chicago. And we admit, they are so good and their talent makes Sam look like a queen. Elegant and fabulous.

The bridesmaids looked stunning in their dresses, complementing the wedding’s color palette. They raised their champagne glasses, celebrating and creating cherished memories. Cheers to Sam, the gorgeous queen of the day!

Her own wedding dress, her own design

Sam actually designed her own dress from scratch! How cool is that? She’s always had this dream of designing her own thing, something totally custom and unique.

With delicate beadwork and intricate hand embroidery, the wedding dress fits perfectly with her golden crown, giving her a look of royal vision. Yes, she went for something non-traditional and totally unexpected.

In the slide: Sam’s mother helped her attach the veil, and some finishing touches to make sure her daughter looked perfect.

Sam’s bridesmaids were speechless when they saw her in her magnificent wedding gown. They couldn’t hide their excitement, pure amazement, and happiness. 

gorgeous team bride readdy for wedding in San Miguel de Allende

Alright, we’re all set! The bride is ready. Let’s get this wonderful celebration rolling!

Destination Wedding Mexico Photographer Videographer
Bride and Mom's bride goes to wedding on a vintage car in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

The Groom’s preparation

While the bridal villa was all about the hustle and bustle, not so far away, in a hacienda, the groom, Joe, prepared for his day surrounded by his groom squad and his parents. Everyone was just overflowing with energy. Joe’s mom and dad were super sweet, and you could really tell how thrilled they and everyone else were for Joe.

The Groom's preparation in a hacienda at San Miguel de allende Mexico

Joe stepped into his perfectly fitted suit, looking amazing thanks to his buddies and family who were there helping out. The final touches were about to be made, and he was all set to meet his beautiful bride!

The Church Ceremony at Iglesia de San Francisco

There are many churches in Saint Miguel de Allende but Iglesia de San Francisco is the most famous and most well known. Built in the 18th century, this key landmark of the city is known for its impressive Baroque Spanish architecture style.

Templo de San Francisco de Asís - San Francisco de Asis Church in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - Drone

Sam arrived at the grand entrance of Iglesia de San Francisco. The day has finally come. As the door opened, everyone was suddenly stunned by her beauty. The dress, the veil, adds to the mystery. Joe, eagerly awaiting her at the altar, when he looked at her for the first time as she walked down the aisle with her dad, smiled and was eager to be finally married to the one he loved so much.

Within these hallowed walls, Sam and Joe happily said “I do.” They exchanged rings as a sign of their deep love and commitment to each other. As the priest pronounced them husband and wife, Sam and Joe sealed their love with a passionate kiss.
All the guests burst into cheers and applause. It was such a joyful and heartwarming celebration of Sam and Joe’s new life together!

Cocktail Soirée at Hacienda San Luis Gonzaga

The cocktail party was at Hacienda San Luis Gonzaga, an absolutely stunning spot.

In Polish weddings, there’s this cool tradition where the couple’s parents greet them with bread, salt, and two shots of vodka. The bride and groom have to drink the vodka in one go – it’s like a fun way to wish them a long and happy life together.

Polish wedding culture traditional in San MIguel de Allende Mexico
Polish wedding culture traditional in San MIguel de Allende Mexico
Destination Wedding Mexico Photographer Videographer

As this venue has a small little church, we thought it would be a pretty good idea if we made a flower arch right there to really bring a wedding feel to the venue. It turned out to be perfect for Sam’s dream photo. Imagine the bride and groom walking under this beautiful arch, and just as they pass, there’s this amazing burst of flower confetti raining down. It’s like they’re being showered with good wishes from all the guests, sent in every petal.

Couple editorial shots for their Wedding in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

When we discussed about the wedding with Sam, she had an idea, to get a nude backdrop that we could use for family photos. And it turns out to be amazing, just like a studio-style photo area. We had so much fun and did some editorial photos with Sam, Joe, and their closest families.

Joe’s family owned a stable close to San Miguel de Allende. And they decided to surprise Joe by bringing 2 of his favorite horses from his childhood.

Chasing the sunset with our newlyweds

The newlyweds stole a quiet moment for themselves, capturing breathtaking moments in their absolute best looks.

The beautiful golden sunset glimmering between the vertical rows of trees, oh it reminded us so badly of our trips to Tuscany.

The Magic of a Candle-Lit Reception for their wedding in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Sam has always dreamed of having a candle-lit dinner. From the white flowers cascading from the ceiling with chandeliers to the number of candles used for the night, it was simple and yet so elegant.

Wedding Reception overview in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

As soon as the guests settled and found their place in the dining room, the bride and groom made their entrance. The best part? they don’t just walk in – they’re dancing! It’s not your usual, timid first dance, but a full-on, joyous groove. A party from the start! People cheered, throwing white napkins in the air as the live band filled the space with pop-jazz melodies in trumpet sound. We found this to be one of the most cool entrances ever.

Don’t be afraid to be extra!

Sam later changed into her second outfit. Danielle Frankel was the ingenious brand that she chose for the dress, donning a sleek pearl-colored silk dress with a daringly low-cut back, complemented by a long feathered scarf elegantly draping over her arms. She exuded the charm and grace of the 1920s, resembling a captivating diva from that glamorous era.

As the couple took to the dance floor for their first dance, the atmosphere was charged with romance. 

Let’s raise a toast and … meet on the dance floor!

A glittering champagne tower pours from a fountain of joy. Sam and Joe, being the coolest hosts they are, set up this awesome tequila bar. It’s a tequila paradise – they’ve got the best local stuff and their top picks, basically tequila on tap! And hey, it’s pretty much a rule – you’ve got to try a shot, or two!
Everyone’s grabbing a drink and having a blast. And the cake? Perfect go with a sip of bubbly.

The party really starts! The DJ cranks up the tunes, and everyone’s dancing the night away. It’s a mix of sweet cake, a good drink, and non-stop dancing. A night where every moment is fun and cheers – simply unforgettable!

The Third Look – A Chic Modern Bride for this Wedding San Miguel de Allende in Mexico

It has not stopped here, who said you can’t wear two looks for the after-party? Well good news, you can have it all! From a diva’s look in the 60s era to a bold sophisticated modern bride. Sam nailed it! She reused the short lace dress from her welcome party, but now styled it with an oversized blazer, brilliant!

In this epic San Miguel de Allende wedding in Mexico, Sam and Joe’s love story unfolded in a series of captivating moments. From the charming church ceremony to the regal horse photos and the lively dance party, every detail came together to create a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. As the night sky sparkled with stars, it was clear that their love story was just beginning. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness for this extraordinary couple!

We are visual storytellers through and through. We like to think of ourselves as go-getters and trendsetters. The power of love and romance defines us and what we do. We don’t want to just give you pretty pictures. While the images will be stunning, your day should be meaningful. Something that deserves to be remembered for the rest of your lives.

We offer an experience that will stay with you forever both in your memories and with the images we capture. We aim for the highest standard possible. We will listen to and work with you so that we’ll capture your dream Parisian adventure.

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